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The copyright to all articles on this website is owned solely by me, Karen Selick, unless the specific article states otherwise (a few articles are co-authored).  Where the copyright is owned solely by me, permission is hereby granted to:

(a) download or print a copy of any article for private use, or
(b) forward copies electronically to other individuals for their private use,

provided that my name and the copyright notice are left attached.

The use of any article for any commercial purpose, or the re-posting of any article elsewhere on the web without my explicit permission, constitutes a violation of my copyright.  For permission to reproduce an article commercially or elsewhere on the web, please contact me.

For the libertarians in the crowd, take note that I'm not really keen on the current state of so-called "intellectual property" law, but I'm continuing to ponder the issue.  Maybe some day I'll dispense with this copyright notice entirely.

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Last updated November 28, 2010